My desk-bound day job pays my bills, but the secret to what passes for my sanity is my moonlighting gig teaching yoga.

Teaching yoga is pure joy. It’s fun to watch my stressed-out students melt into the floor during deep relaxation at the end of every class. I enjoy standing on one foot in front of a roomful of people, talking them into doing the same thing and then wobbling around together. And I’m thrilled when a brand new yogi falls in love with the practice just like I did – especially someone who didn’t think he or she was flexible enough, fit enough, healthy enough or young enough to do yoga. Yoga is for everybody and every body. It’s so much more than stretching in tiny spandex outfits. It’s nothing less than  transformational!

When I signed up for my first teacher training program in 2008, I was just looking for something to strengthen my commitment to my own undisciplined yoga practice. I had no idea that I would go on to complete my 500-hour teaching certification, or that I’d soon look for every opportunity to share the gift of yoga with others. A couple of years ago I taught a series of private classes after hours in a doggie-grooming salon. (Yep, human students, downward dog!)

These days I’m lucky enough to teach after-work classes for fellow employees at the company where I spend my days. My students are corporate types like me looking for a little breathing space between the clamor and the commute.  I also lead stress management workshops throughout the year, which means I get to introduce the timeless yogic practices of stretching, relaxation, deep breathing, self-study and concentration (meditation) to unsuspecting people who might never stay after hours to try a yoga class. They walk out of the workshop feeling amazing.

Which makes me feel amazing, too. I am so grateful for everyone who honors me by showing up for my classes. I learn so much more from the experience than they do.